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It is striking to enter a Zen Meditation Hall during a sitting period. There is stillness and energy permeating the room. Zen Meditation is both a direct expression of life and an activity by which to fully experience life.


What is not seen is also important. Looking backwards in time, one could see the hundreds of people who once occupied those cushions and chairs, many for only a brief time before moving on.


Looking forward, one might perceive that there are many more to follow into those seats who may have an intuitive attraction to Zen or a curiosity not yet acted upon.


This book is offered as an introduction to Zen practice. My intent here is to offer the background—both experience and study—in order to work through uncertainties and confusion, so that individuals can begin or sustain a meditation practice. 

                                                                  From the introduction

SophiaOmni Press

Having recently begun a meditation practice, I can say that this is an ideal book for a beginner. It provides clear explanations on how to approach and build a sitting practice. Zen Entry Points offers the best introduction and advice one could ask for. He presents the reader with clear directions and guidance; one learns not only what you do, but how you might do it, and where to go to learn more.


Those with some background in meditation or Zen will be able to explore and be amazed by how much more there is to learn. It is valuable for the multiple perspectives, numerous examples, and Zen stories related to each topic area. Many references are included.


It is excellent!  Easy to read and packed with the Schubert’s knowledge and experience of study and practice.  Zen Entry Points will remain near at hand on my bookshelf.

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